Synthethic grass turf
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Maintaining real turf and keeping the grass green in your garden can not only be a challenge, it’s also time-consuming and costly. Have you ever tried to grow grass under a large tree or in a shady area? It’s virtually impossible. Not to mention the fact that real turf tends to go through stages and can look good in the summer but terrible during our Sydney winter months. Even in spring when your turf starts to look good, as soon as the warm, wet weather arrives it can seem like you need ...

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Day care

Synthetic Turf Group will transform any area of your daycare centre into an environment that children love. We take pride in providing the finest synthetic turf landscape solutions. Our top quality synthetic turf provides a safe, play-friendly environment both indoors and out. Synthetic turf (sometimes called synthetic grass or fake grass) is becoming more and more popular for Sydney daycare centres who want to create attractive, functional, durable play areas that can be used all year round...

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Synthetic Turf Group has installed synthetic grass surfaces in many different school environments including primary and secondary schools all around Sydney. We use the highest quality synthetic grass to ensure durability and we’ll choose the best type of synthetic grass to suit your purposes. We can install a practical synthetic grass solution for any school and are commonly asked to: Transform a hard surface into an attractive, practical playing field; Create play areas that are mainten...

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