We do more than supply and install synthetic turf. We’re a dab hand at these services too.

Free quotes and consultations

We think it’s really important before you engage someone to work on site and entrust them with your project, that you get to meet them and find out what they are like. We welcome the opportunity to pop around, see your site and help plan out a beautiful synthetic turf design. We’ll show you our product range and provide advice on any site or surface preparation requirements, and document it all for you in our detailed quote.

For commercial work, we are more than happy to provide a free consultation for you or your architect or landscape designer. We’ve had many years’ experience designing and installing synthetic grass and wet pour rubber, and we can help with identifying potential problem areas, as well as provide design suggestions.

Chris Gillies
Synthetic Turf Supplier

Supply of synthetic turf

If you are looking to install your synthetic grass yourself, we can supply you with all the products you need to get the job completed. We have synthetic grass, synthetic grass adhesive, backing tape and pins. We can supply full rolls or cut the grass to size for you. Delivery of synthetic turf can be arranged anywhere in Australia. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Supply and installation with site preparation

The majority of synthetic turf installations require a base to be prepared for the synthetic grass to be laid onto. The right preparation is the key to a smooth finish that will last for many years and require minimal maintenance.

The first step in our preparation process is to excavate the area to remove the existing grass, weeds and top soil to a depth of up to 100mm.

We then install blue metal dust, which is levelled and compacted several times to get the base just right. It’s during this step that we install any edging or tend to any drainage issues identified during our quoting process.

The synthetic grass can now be installed directly onto the prepared base.

Synthetic Turf Site Preparation
artificial grass on decking

Supply and installation onto an existing hard surface

Synthetic turf can be installed onto an existing hard surface such as concrete, paving or decking, as long as the surface is in reasonable condition with no rises or depressions.

A site consultation with one of our experts will determine if the surface needs any work prior to installation.

EPDM wet pour rubber – supply and install

EPDM wet pour rubber, popular in childcare centres and playgrounds makes a bold impact. It is available in a wide range of colours, and can be used to create complex designs in patterns, logos or into games areas.

An ideal flooring solution for high activity areas, it is UV resistant and weathers well. We can advise and quote on the correct use of EPDM for your project.

EPDM wet pour rubber

Base crumb wet pour rubber – supply and install

Base crumb rubber is the stuff that keeps our kids safe when they fall down doing what kids do. We can advise on the correct thickness required for your projects to meet Australian Standards and install it into your project to the highest quality.