SCHOOLS - Synthetic turf installation in Schools

Synthetic Turf Group has installed synthetic grass surfaces in many different school environments including primary and secondary schools all around Sydney. We use the highest quality synthetic grass to ensure durability and we’ll choose the best type of synthetic grass to suit your purposes.

We can install a practical synthetic grass solution for any school and are commonly asked to:

Transform a hard surface into an attractive, practical playing field; Create play areas that are maintenance-free all and useable all year round; Beautify an area of a school where regular grass never seems to grow.

All our completed synthetic grass projects are

  • Long-lasting
  • Great looking
  • An excellent investment for any school in Sydney

Synthetic Grass Playing Fields

With the amount of foot traffic your natural turf areas receive it can seem impossible and costly to keep your fields in use. Often school maintenance staff feel as if they’re fighting a losing battle to maintain school fields while teachers and students find that natural grass playing fields are out of action more often than not.

We can turn your under-used spaces or playing fields into a synthetic grass playing field that not only looks good all year around, but can withstand the wear and tear of active kids.

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Synthetic Grass Playgrounds

We can work with hard landscapers, playground installers and structural builders to create synthetic grass playgrounds suitable for children of all ages. We can install synthetic grass in any size or shaped space, on sloping or flat surfaces and fit it seamlessly around stairs, decks and playground equipment.

Safe – We always choose chemical free and heavy metal free synthetic turfs which are safe for everyone, in particular for children with eczema, asthma or allergies. We know the best type of synthetic grass to use in schools which will stand the test of time but still feel gentle on the skin to minimise grazes when kids fall over.

Low maintenance – After we’ve installed synthetic grass in your school virtually no maintenance is needed and, because we use only the highest quality synthetic grass, your new synthetic grass playing field should last up to 15 years depending on how much it gets used.

Quality guaranteed – As with all our projects the synthetic grass we install at your school is guaranteed for five years with a one year warranty on labour. We provide the best synthetic grass and the finest installation so that school staff and students can relax and enjoy their new school playing fields or playground.