Which artificial turf is right for you?

You may be surprised to learn that there’s a few artificial turf products available.   The best one for your project depends on a number of factors.  When we meet up with you, we will provide you with advice on which is the ideal choice for you based on who will be using it and how, any specific requirements you may have, and your budget.

Important things to consider

Pile and density

synthetic turf pile

Pile heights range from 19 – 40mm.  Lower piles are ideal for putting greens and sports areas, whilst deeper piles look lush and feel softer.

Turf density refers to the amount of yarn stitched per square metre.  Dense turfs provide are more durable in heavy traffic areas and provide more aesthetic appeal.

Infill and backing

synthetic turf infill

Artificial grass is designed to be infilled with fine sand to keep it looking lush and keep the turf springy.

Backing can be rubber or polyurethane.  A good quality backing makes a big difference to longevity.  Polyurethane backing is the best choice for durability in Australia’s harsh climate.

Colour and appearance

synthetic turf colour

Synthetic grass comes in various shades of green, and some products are also available in other colours. Cheaper turfs come in single flat green shades and you can easily tell them apart from natural grass.  Our high end products include fibres in contrasting heights and colours which is what makes them look like natural grass.

Quality and price

synthetic turf price

Naturally price is important, however choosing the cheapest product can result in noticeably lower performance and/or lifespan due to lower resilience to traffic, treatment and weather.  Higher quality products last longer and continue to function reliably over time, so the cost-per-year is lower and your ultimate return on investment is higher.

Our high quality range

Deluxe 40

The 40mm emerald and olive-green fibres contrast well with the shorter green and yellow curly fibres to give this turf the ultimate “natural grass” look. The shorter fibres support the longer fibres and help it “sit up” and imitate the look of real grass.  Its density gives a lush appearance and provides a lovely soft feel underfoot. 

Ideal for residential and commercial applications where a high quality, long lasting and natural looking grass finish is required.

Winter Lush 35

Winter Lush 35 is an alternative looking grass to Deluxe 40, in that it is comprised of a thicker, slightly shorter blade and is darker. It also sits up well, has a lush appearance and feels soft and dense underfoot.  We will show you samples of both products so you can see which you prefer.

Ideal for residential and commercial applications where a high quality, long lasting and natural looking grass finish is required.

Multi-Scape 19

When it comes to playing sports, our Multi-Scape 19 grass is the perfect surface.  The short pile and fall technology make it a soft surface to fall on—even compared to real grass.  It’s long wearing and hardy, and very low maintenance.  In addition to green, it comes in aqua, baby blue, black, purple, red and yellow – which means we can use the colours for line marking, to delineate running tracks, and to create logos and symbols.

Golf Elite

If you’ve ever wanted to work on your putting stroke at home in the backyard or at the office, our Golf Elite product is perfect.  With a shorter pile and higher stitch rate, it allows the ball to roll true.  You really will feel like you’re out on the golf course.

We’ll provide you with an end to end service, from design and landscaping to installation.  We can even help you with a complete mini golf course if you have the room!


All our products are made from a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene, are UV protected to meet the highest standards in the world, and are heavy metal and lead free.

Who’s using artificial grass?

synthetic turf landscape design

Residential applications

Enjoy your weekends and never have to mow, whipper snip, weed, topdress, water or fertilise a lawn ever again. We will install our beautiful artificial turf -

  • Around your home and pool areas
  • Along the median or nature strips
  • On apartment rooftop gardens
  • Through kennels & pet enclosures
  • To create your own putting green or mini golf circuit
  • Or to create a tennis court or cricket wicket
synthetic turf sports ground

Commercial applications

Cut maintenance costs and improve aesthetic appeal. We will work directly with you or your landscaper, architect or builder to plan, design and install our high-quality synthetic turf -

  • In schools and playgrounds
  • In sporting clubs
  • To create tennis courts, cricket wickets and putting greens
  • Around office buildings
  • At marinas
  • At commercial kennels & pet enclosures

Modern artificial lawns have become extremely popular in all kinds of residential and commercial locations.  They look very real, can withstand the hard punishment associated with kids and sports, don’t deliver grazes or carpet burn like old-style synthetic turf used to, is long wearing and very low maintenance.

Clever and fun ideas for using artificial grass

  • Create a playground in an indoor area
  • Provide a relaxing lunch room or chillout room at your workplace
  • Use it to create a garden room or beer garden
  • Provide a green welcome in the foyer of your workplace
  • Go vertical with a grass wall for a creative feature
  • Create furniture or sculptures