Four benefits of artificial grass


Luscious, green, perfectly manicured lawns are a thing of beauty. However, they can be a real pain to maintain. They demand a whole lot of ongoing maintenance, which requires time, money, and lots of water. 

The good news is, you can achieve a picture-perfect lawn without the effort. How? With artificial grass.

Here are four must-know benefits of artificial grass.

Benefit 1: Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance 

You’ve worked hard all week. The weekend rolls around and your to-do list is already long. Adding mowing, edging, fertilising and watering your lawn to the list could mean you don’t get much time doing fun or relaxing stuff.  

Artificial grass looks lush and green all year round – even in the scorching summer months. It never becomes overgrown, and there are no weeds to contend with. That means you can spend less time on chores and more time with friends and family. Perfect.

Benefit 2: Artificial grass helps conserve water

Water is a precious resource, and we all strive to use as little as possible. Natural lawns require about 2-4cm of water per week to maintain. That adds up over time.

Artificial grass can reduce your water consumption by 40 litres per square metre per year! How good’s that?

Artificial grass helps minimise your impact on the environment in other ways, too. You won’t need any fertiliser, or even worse – nasty toxic week killer. And, you won’t be firing up your petrol-guzzling lawnmower, either. 

Benefit 3: Artificial grass is mess-free

Sick and tired of muddy footprints all through your home? Tired of trying to get stubborn grass stains out of your kids’ clothes? 

When laid on the correct base, artificial grass eliminates mess completely. That means no puddles, no dirt, and no mud.

Benefit 4: Artificial grass is durable

It takes little more than shade to turn a thriving natural lawn into a brown, shrivelled mess. Artificial grass is much more hard-wearing. 

With expert installation, artificial grass can last you more than the eight-year manufacturer’s warranty. It drains wells, doesn’t lift or tear, is resistant to stains, and is pet- and kid-friendly.

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